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Certificate Account Benefits IRA Account Benefits Savings Account Benefits Share Draft Account Benefits
Savings Account Benefits
Owner Shares
Benefits Features
N o FEE Savings
L ow minimum to earn dividends
B eing an OWNER
L ocal control
R einvest in members - not countries
T reated as an individual
A ccess to all Credit Union services
I nsured to $100,000
D ividends from date of deposit on min balance of $100
O nly $50 minimum to open
3 FREE withdrawals per month
Kitty Club
Benefits Features
T eaches youth to save
N o FEEs
N o minimum to earn dividends
F un
L ots of FREE stuff
F or kids 0 to 12 years old
I nsured funds
O nly $5 minimum to earn dividends
N o term
N o membership fee
Fun Club
Benefits Features
Y ou set the purpose; vacation, Christmas, etc
E asy through payroll direct deposit
E asy to use - Easy to maintain
$ 25 minimum
I nsured funds - Quarterly statements
O pen-ended - D eposits are allowed
A utomatically mailed November 1st

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