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What do I need to connect?
A personal computer with a modem and Internet access -- and an account access code. Call the Credit Union for more information.

Oregon Independent FCU On-Line Home Banking
If you have a PC and Internet access you can connect to your OIFCU account anytime, day or night to make inquiries and handle transactions. It's fast, convenient and, best of all, free! We provide this home banking service at no charge.

What is Home Banking?
Home Banking is an easy-to-use Internet connection - simply point and click on your choice of the following options: account balance information, transfer money between savings, checking, and loan accounts ... and more.

How does Home Banking work?
Click on Home Banking (this screen) at the top of this web page. On the next page enter your account number and access code. Then enter the transaction you wish to make. You will always have the chance to accept or cancel each account transaction. All transactions appear on your statement. You have the ability to send a message directly to the Credit Union by choosing the "Contact Us" button.

What about security?
Your account cannot be accessed without a valid account number and access code. When an invalid access code is attempted more than 3 times, the system disables access to your on-line account. A call to the home office will reactivate service. Do not share your access code with anyone! Memorize it - do not write it down in a "safe" place!

Any questions?
Please give us a call at the home office if you have any questions.

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