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Calculate Amortization Table
Use this page to create an amortization schedule. This will show the amount due at  end of each month of a loan. Only part of the schedule will appear if you attempt to print it out from this screen . To obtain a printout you should:
Enter the months, interest rate, and amount of the loan into the fields below.
Click on the "Create Amortization Schedule" Button.
Copy all of the text from the window below. To do this:
Click at the top-left of the window -- and hold down on the mouse button.
Drag to the bottom-right of the window -- then let go of the mouse button. (All of the text in the window should remain highlighted).
Click Edit on your browser.
From the Edit menu select Copy.
Open up your word processing program and Paste this text into a new document.
The columns will line up nicely if you use the Courier font in your word processing program
Print the document out.
Amortization Schedule for Your Purchase
Nunber of Months of Loan (#):
Simple Interest Rate (%):
Total Amount of Loan ($):

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